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Benefits You Can Expect from a Serviced Apartment in Singapore

Upon arriving to Singapore, some foreigners who are yet to find a long-term place to stay may find it a little tough booking a hotel room considering the expensive rates that can stretch their budget further. It may also be overwhelming for them to spend so much money on accommodation, particularly if their budget is only limited.

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If this is the case, what are your options, then? How can you have a comfortable, temporary home while sticking to your budget? During the interim period once you get to Singapore and the time that you need to look for a new home, a serviced apartment should be a viable choice for you. Although there is no doubt that most hotels are very cozy and feels so much like home, the price, comfort, and value for the dollar that serviced apartments offer can’t be beat.

So, what exactly can you expect from these serviced apartments in Singapore? To help you with your home-hunting experience, here are some things you may want to know.

The Basics of a Serviced Apartment

Generally, a serviced apartment is worth considering as a more homey and a more practical version of your typical hotel. This is a type of accommodation that you can rent for an extended period whether it is for a week, month, or even longer than that. But it is not just a room that you can get for the price you pay for a serviced apartment rental. There are several amenities and great services that you can get along the way. So in a way, it is quite like staying in a hotel, but still with a ton of differences that set this accommodation apart from a pricier hotel.

As mentioned earlier, there is something quite homey and cozy about being in a serviced apartment. It is no wonder that those who want to have a home away from home opt for to stay here more than a lavish hotel. There is more space, you can keep up with your daily routine as when you are at home, and all for a reasonable price. If you are coming to Singapore with your family or a large group, then you will surely find a serviced apartment very practical because of the facilities, spacious rooms, and services it comes with.

For the most part, serviced apartments offer amenities that are on par with the ones usually available in a condo unit. These include a garden, pool, tennis court, and a restaurant. Thus, you can enjoy some time outdoors if you are starting to get bored staying inside your room. You can bond with your family or other occupants in the apartment as you hang around outdoors, too. So, you will not feel isolated during your stay.

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Do you love to cook? If so, then you can certainly cook your favorite meals and save money at the same time if you stay at a serviced apartment. There is a kitchen complete with cooking equipment, utensils, and tools to let you enjoy a nice home-cooked meal anytime you want. Since the cost of eating out can be astronomical, you will surely stay within your budget by cooking your own food.

Now, you’re probably wondering – since you can pretty much expect to have everything you need at your fingertips by choosing a serviced apartment, the price tag may not be THAT cheap, right? Well, you will be surprised to find out that you can find a fine standard serviced apartment for less than $200 per night. This is certainly not what what you can expect from a hotel, since the average cost of an overnight stay would be at least $240. If you plan on staying for a couple of weeks, you should be prepared to shell out $3360 or even more – depending on which hotel you are staying. Surely, the price hikes up even further if you lean towards glitzy hotels in the country such as Raffles Hotel, Ritz, or the Elysium. The more high-tier the hotel is, the tougher it would be to find a cheaper rate.

With this in mind, serviced apartments are becoming a very popular option among travellers whether they come to Singapore for business or leisure purposes. You don’t want to just consider your accommodation as a place to sleep since there are plenty of things you also like to do such as to cook, bond with the family indoors, or maybe take a stroll around the garden and swim. If so, then these are ultimately possible in a serviced apartment – and all for a reasonable price.

Serviced Apartments Make Your Stay Quite Enjoyable

No matter who you are with during your travel to Singapore, or even if you are simply planning to be on your own, a serviced apartment can make a huge difference in your budget and overall experience. Here are a few amazing features that this accommodation type offers.

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1. Concierge Service

Perhaps you assumed that a 24-hour concierge is something you can only find at hotel. But you see, this is also available at any serviced apartment in the country. You can get the assistance you need for your social and travel arrangements, maybe learn more about essential transport links, local restaurants, and other pieces of information that will surely help you get by in a foreign place.

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2. Home Essentials

You won’t miss home too much if you stay at a serviced apartment because it has so many things that will remind you of home. There are separate sleeping spaces for you and the kids, which means there is no need to share a bed or a room with them. If you want to watch a nice movie together, you can do so because serviced apartments also have an entertainment system equipped with DVD, TV, a private phone line and even Wifi. If the weather is not cooperative during your stay, you will still love being indoors because there are plenty of things to do to keep yourselves entertained.

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3. Customized Experience

Do you have special requests or requirements that you want for your apartment? If so, then you can always contact the host to provide you with what you need. Simply call ahead and inquire about the cooking equipment they have in the apartment, or perhaps a secured parking lot for your vehicle. It is all about communicating with the host and asking if these requests are possible. Thus, your experience at the apartment will surely be customized according to your unique needs.

Most importantly, a number of serviced apartments in Singapore are situated nearby popular tourist destinations or even at the heart of where the action happens. You no longer have to worry about travelling too far to get to a really nice restaurant or to check out a must-see attraction that you came here for. Everything is just within reach, and you should be able to find a fine location that suits your specific needs. This is why in terms of the amenities, cost, and location, a serviced apartment is definitely a smart choice for a traveller like you. It makes everything flow smoothly, which minimizes the stress of getting by in a foreign place.

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